The Climate Project

The Bahamas might be a small country. Perhaps even among the smallest in the world, and yet we more often than not punch above our weight. It’s a Bahamian ting, as they say. They as in the Common Wealth Brewery in their Kalik ad, to be more accurate ( lol ).

In any case, the point, is that even a small thing can have a big impact. And in our case we have more of a sense of urgency. That’s because The Bahamas is on the front lines of climate change. We and our beloved Bahamaland are and will continue you to be among the first to feel the pressures of rising sea levels, extreme weather, hurricanes and economic stress ( base on the fact that we are a country that imports nearly everything – especially food ).

However, the idea for us us to simply bow our hands in defeat and take it on the chin. Instead it’s our belief that we, as a community, should be the leaders understanding, documenting and educating the rest of the world on the effect of climate change.

More on this to come.

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